The living organism has been evolving and adapting to Mother Earth for millennia. A healthy person is in resonance with the Earth. However, in recent decades technical developments are overtaking us at a rapid pace. The speed of technological evolution is so high that the human organism doesn’t have enough time to adapt to the respective innovations and pressures. This can cause physical and mental stress, which means we lose a lot of energy. The body needs this energy to maintain our vitality. This is where sinus i-like devices come in.



    How does a Meta-Converter work?

    With the help of a pulse irradiation technology, which was developed over the course of around 25 years out of the therapy of hundreds of professionals, a Converter, together with Vital products, can be provided with bioresonant frequency. The result is a stimulus-reaction vitalisation frequency, which is activated if necessary (where there is damage or disturbance) and neutralises potentially harmful frequencies. Which of the different frequencies are released depends on the task of the respective Converter.

    Electro-smog - what is it?

    Electronic smog emerges as a field emission from an electromagnetic wave. It is something that always occurs when electricity is technically generated in any form, transported or used. It is an unnatural process and can interfere with our body‘s cells. This means that when electricity is produced by artificial means (generators), transported bundled over distances (cables of all kinds, radio waves as well as batteries) and then is used in a consumer electronic device (all devices use electricity, from mobile phones, electric toothbrushes, lights in the car etc.) these scattered fields, known as electronic smog, are the result. Harmful to the biology of the body, the resulting disruptive influences can be measured medically.



    Emoto water crystal certified

    The laboratory Hado Life (Emoto) has performed a measurement of the chip energy in combination with Water. During the test, a glass filled with neutral water (osmosis water) was vitalized with the converter for one hour. The result after one hour is absolutely stunning, and shows the amazing change in frequency the converter can make.



    The effects of the i-like Vital products

    Coming from the point of view of "Help to self-help", i-like offers various Vital products in the field of wellness, supplements and more. All i-like Vital products are activated with the bioresonance system and are also balanced by the Five Elements in Yin and Yang. This means that the effectiveness of all Vital products is significantly increased and the potential side effects can be reduced.


    Explaining the effectiveness of i-like products

    i-like metaphysics has taken on the task to help people help themselves. For this purpose, i-like uses not only the latest technologies and research, but also takes benefits from the latest Swiss bio-resonance technology combined with traditional knowledge of the Asian regeneration philosophy. Because simply said, humans function via magnetic fields (oscillations), which can be activated and harmonized using the innovative products from i-like.




    Our sense of well-being is nowadays seen as a network of complex balances. Optimal well-being means maintaining the maximum possible regulatory capacity within these balances. In order to accompany you on this path, products have been developed especially for the F.X.-Balance application, which can support you in this endeavour.



    Activ-Bioresonance Bamboo Vitalplasters

    The effects of the i-like Active-Bioresonance Bamboo-Vitalplasters
    With the i-like expertise in the Five Elements doctrine of Asian regeneration philosophy in balance of Yin and Yang, paired with the i-like bio-resonance technology from Switzerland, developed for over 20 years, they have now succeeded in considerably increasing the effectiveness of the newest generation of Vitalplasters. The new generation of Vitalplasters are also vegan, 100% natural, Emoto water crystal certified and have received many awards and special descriptions by scientists. With more than 5,000 professionals advising, an enormous wealth of application possibilities has emerged. Detoxification and well-being in perfection.